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Suburban Newspaper Association (site no longer active, acquired by The Dispatch)

  • Best Local Community Website: 1st Place, 2008
    • Judge's comments: offers its community a variety of services and features. With a Web-First approach, all stories, photos, videos, etc. are posted on the site as soon as they are completed. This site even created a new site for a neighboring community. Seeing that the community was underserved in regards to local content, they generated a new site without incurring many expenses. This resulted in doubling the online revenue for the company. The community responses for the sites are high and the sites are easy to use and offer a clean design.
  • Best Site Architecture and Overall Design: 3rd place, 2008
    • Judges comments: has a clean, user-friendly layout. The toolbar options are intuitive and easily navigated. The site offers a variety of ways for users to post content and has a fair response from users. Whitespace is used properly throughout the site. Overall, the site has a clean, consistent feel.
  • Best Multimedia Initiative: 2nd place, 2008
    • Judges comments: offers an audio feature called Friday Night Live, led by its sports staff. It includes recorded game previews as well as mid-game and post-game audio podcasts. Slideshows of the game are posted to the Web site soon after the game has ended. The site features a game of the week, which is offered in full-length video format. Overall, the site offers a variety of audio and video pieces to suit a variety of users needs.

Ohio Newspaper Association

  • Placed in "Best Website" category for
  • Awards banquet on Feb. 14, 2008

Suburban Newspaper Association

  • Best Local Community Website: Honorable mention, 2007
    • Judge's comments: At, users are treated to vodcasts and an easy-to-use tab design. The Photo of the Day and online contests allow some great reader-interaction efforts.
  • Best Site Architecture and Overall Design: 2nd place, 2007
    • Judges comments: Packed full of information, yet accessible. Use of tabbed primary feature area packs more into the page while keeping it organized and well-designed. Other navigation devices are well thought out.
  • Best Local Web Site Iniative: 3rd place, 2007
    • Worst Turf on Earth, this advertising initiative allow users to submit photos and text of the worst lawns in central Ohio. The winning lawn received an entire lawn makeover by a local lawn group.
    • Judges comments: Innovative, interactive, and good coordination with advertising and marketing.
  • Best Overall News Site: 3rd place, 2007
    • Judges comments: The site is not cluttered, with enough white space so as not to overwhelm the user. The use of YouTube and Pictopia better layer the site to give it more depth, and more reason to visit. The commitment to a full-time online editor looks to be a very good decision. The use of unique elements on the site helps keep move it above the norm.

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