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Top 5 Accomplishments in 2014

@ Thirty-One Gifts

  • May-Dec '14: Managed company-wide lead acquisition strategy using a mix of paid advertising (search, display, retargeting and Facebook) and email tactics, which contributed toward more than 7,500 total matched leads (definition: a contact that converted through ecomm and was successfully matched (unique, no existing Consultant relationship) to a Consultant who was in our active lead pool). Managed an outside agency who executed my approved strategy.

  • Example of Google Ad

    • Because of the complexity of the replicated websites and the fact that they weren't yet responsive (project slated for 2015), I made the decision to only target desktop due to the wide variance in conversion (desktop averaged 4.62% sales conversion vs mobile/tablet was a little more than 1%).
    • Worked with UX and our dev teams to a/b test landing pages to continually optimize the completion rate of whichever action was intended (shop, host or join)

    • For example: In one test we learned that cleaner and generic results in higher conversion of filling out form to either host a party or join as a Consultant:

      a/b test pages

      a/b test results

    • Facilitated weekly agency calls, where I provided regular recommendations (day of week, time of day testing; wrote additional search copy to test; determined a CPA maximum that allowed the agency to know which ads should run or be paused)

  • July '14: Revamp of email program while lead effort to ensure CASL (Canada's Anti-Spam Law) compliance before July 1
    • Worked with UX to create and rollout a responsive email template that used media queries to increase engagement with a high mobile audience (55% mobile consumption, 6.2M+ Customers in US & CA). See strategy, best practices and UX documentation (PDF).

    • Thirty-One Responsive Email

      View an Example of its Old Email Template

    • Worked directly with VP of marketing to phase in a new email cadence, which segmented Customers based on past purchase behavior and past email interactions (opens, clicks); this alone resulted in more in email opens and clicks July-Sept '14 (3 months) vs previous 6 months!
    • Led CASL strategy and partnered with IT and outside email agency to oversee and ensure its completion. Led calls with Thirty-One Canadian Council to educate Consultants on new law, enhancement we had made and the impact it would have on their Customers
    • While at our National Conference, participated in training sessions to not only train but to listen to nearly 16,000 Consultants' wants and needs for the email program

    • SS at Thirty-One Conference

  • May-Dec '14: Had the privilege to be a part of the business intelligence (BI) council, which allowed me to have a voice in projects that worked toward an integrated data warehouse (Consultant and Customer)

  • Nov-Dec '14: Led 2015 (and rolling 3-year) planning and road map. Presented to VP of marketing and outside agency for alignment, buy-in and worked on next steps

  • July-Dec '14: Led strategy and evolution of Consultants' email activity report, which allowed Consultants real-time access to data about marketing emails sent on their behalf in order to follow-up on lead's interested activity (i.e. if a Customer clicked on a recruiting incentive, then sales and coaches would encourage Consultants to follow-up the Customer specifically about the recruiting incentive with the goal of converting).

  • AR mock

    • In 2014, I worked to rollout two major enhancements:
      • July '14: Worked with UX to upgrade its UI (results: +22% in use), allowing it to be responsive and printer friendly for our on-the-go Consultants (US & CA)

      • AR comment 1

        AR comment 2

      • Dec '14: Added a holiday script, which is something Consultants had indirectly requested at National Conference earlier that year. This script gave Consultants the words to say when following up with a lead that had either opened or clicked on an email sent on their behalf by marketing.

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